Learning Journal 7

Step Two:

This week, we were introduced to the e-portfolio of the final project. We were able to experience the making of the website for our e-portfolio and to incorporate the living narrative, Wikipedia, and the podcast project along with the cover letter of our work throughout the winter quarter to present to our audience during the our finals in UWP 001. We were able to make a long block of words into an attractive piece of draft using pictures, word fonts, and captions to help the readers be attracted and focused. We were also able to explore the making of a website and how we can use pictures and our tone in our writing to allow the audience to experience the mood and feel of the message. Allowing the readers to feel emotions from the pictures and the words allowed them to compare themselves to the writer which allowed them to draw closer to the speaker in a personal way.

Step Three:

On the given feedback from my peers and my teacher, there is a lot of revision that needed to be addressed in order for my thesis of my Wikipedia draft to remain strong and clear with my sub points. I needed to focus more on the facts instead of my opinions that would allow the readers to be more informed. With this in mind, I needed to reword many sentences in order to eliminate any potential bias and opinion that may be hidden within in the draft. I also needed to brush off the dust on my citation on resources by going on the OWL Purdue webpage in order to give the Wikipedia draft the credibility it needs to gain the discourse community’s trust and attention. There are a few paragraphs that needed to be fixed for more clarity and some paragraphs that needed to be obliterated because it is all opinion on the topic I plan to write about. With this critical observation on my draft, there is a long revision process in order to ensure that the discourse community will be able to understand the facts and points presented in this Wikipedia article.

Step Four:

Based on the reverse outline video, I plan on making a reverse outline that will portray what the draft points are in a chronological order. I needed to ensure that the points that the draft gives are not too repetitive with enormous about of evidence backing it up. I can also use this reverse outline to compare to my original outline that the draft is based on and to see where are the flaws that the draft lacks in to support a sub point in order to strengthen the thesis of the entire draft.

  1. Make reverse outline
    • Sub points by paragraph along with its evidence in chronological order
  2. Compare the reverse outline to the original outline that the draft was intended to write about

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