Wikipedia Entry Reflection

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Improving as a Writer

I advanced my skills as a writer by focusing on the approach of the process first before proceeding to write the draft itself. Along the way, I learn that I need a background on the subject of my interest to a specific audience in mind. I learn the ways of finding a credible source that would prove me as a credible writer by citing each articles. I used pictures and captions and tone to help narrow my audience into a specific point I wanted to bring to them on the subject. Altogether, I had advanced my writing skills by allowing my peers to revise my writing to show the strength of my message connecting to my intended audience.

At the beginning of the writing process. I had conducted a background research on the topic. Using google and Wikipedia as a way of means to limit a big idea into a narrow subject for my intended audience to grasp and learn. I had created an outline explaining my points and backed by credible sources on both sides of the argument. I had found out that finding a credible source is really difficult at firsthand, but after extra reading on OWL Purdue, I can see a glimpse of the difference between a source and a credible source for my audience to witness and by swayed.

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Process of Searching for Credible Sources

Two skills that I obtains and hone during the process of conducting a Wikipedia research are process and the research action itself. In order for me to get connected with the community background of my topic, I first need my peers to revise my Wikipedia draft in order for me to see where the level of understand between the Wikipedia article and the intended audience to understand. To further increase the connection with the article and the community, I have to go in search of new credible sources that would help elevate my points in the assignment.

With these skills in mind, I plan on have a need to have my peers look over the draft to witness the level of my message and points reaching out to the readers and to hone this connection thru conductive research and understanding. Possibly in my future physics classes, an engineering class or even my career where I needed to connect my points to my peers in order for them to understand the message which would result in lower chance of human error in our work as well as improve my communication and teamwork in my future co-workers.

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Photo Credit: Pixabay CC user dangquocbuu


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