Learning Journal 8

Step One:

In class of UWP 001Y, we learn from the very beginning that there is no such thing as a perfect piece of writing since there are so much topics that there is no one such way a person needs to write in order to address to any situation. Since there is no such piece of writing that is perfect for all discourse communities around the world, we do have a process where any such piece of writing can be sharpen for the writer to express his points to a particular audience through the process of revision. The revision process is not a robotic action where you revise someone’s work but a revision process where you input your own support on someone else’s writing assignment. The revision process may include clarification on the sub points to the main points for a particular audience, relevant evidence to improve the overall subject, smooth transition from one point to another, meeting guidelines for the written assignment such as the Wikipedia article and many other ways to help improve an individual’s writing assignment. Revision process primary concern is not fixing the grammars that a writer makes, but a process where many and many processes of revisions needed until the writer feels he had message across the page.

We also learn that using pictures is a tool in leading our audience to a particular viewpoint. In using captions along with our pictures, the audience will most likely be swayed into believing the captions sets the setting shown in the picture. Examples where we would use pictures with captions to help the reader intuitively understand the writer’s message would be the living picture narrative and the Wikipedia article where the picture is relevant to the topic at hand.

Step Two (A):New-Mind-Map

Step Two (B):

The diagram above show my writing process’s journey from one strict way of writing to a flexible writer able to improve their writing assignments on any specific topics for any discourse communities around the world.

Step Three:Image result for joy pictures

Feeling joyful and thankful for improving my writing process throughout the quarter!!!

Picture Citation: https://thepreachersword.com/2013/07/08/word-of-the-week-joy/

After finishing my last learning journal for UWP 001Y, I personally feel a great sense of joy to improve my writing assignments to be able to make my messages clear to a particular discourse community around the world. In a sense, I also feel a burden of sadness as the class of UWP 001Y comes to an end where built friendships were made within the atmosphere of room 1 in Olson. As our e-portfolio is soon to be done and our presentations are soon approaching, I feel as if this is my chance to show my writing process’s journey to my peers and vice versa in order to help them review one last time on our writing process that was journeyed in UWP 001Y before we leave the course in order to continue our life on earth.

Image result for a fork in the road picture

As we come to the end of UWP 001Y, our writing process still continues even after my peers and I began to walk on separate paths.

Picture Citation: http://damiontrombley.com/tag/fork-in-the-road/



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