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This assignment, I learn how to write a script based on the observations and thoughts that I gain from my primary research experiencing first-hand experience. I first had to understand the purpose of the project which is to learn how to connect with a certain audience using specific tone and address on the topic of my primary research. The primary research will allow the readers to see and grasp their senses to connect to the research thus allowing the script to be alive and have a personal meaning to them. In order to have the audience to further grasp the message of the script, we as a class will conduct our independent voice recording to allow readers to gain higher understanding and connect by interpreting the tone and the words together to create a tool used to grasp the message to near a hundred percent.

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When approaching this project, I first had to read the prompt which explicitly explains a five to six minute podcast which in terms of seven hundred to eight hundred words for the assigned project. What really worked well for the writing process of the project was simply the detailed description thus makes the downfall of me getting carried away with too much detail that would evidently allow readers to become lost or confused with such details explained. In the future, I should gain sufficient observation that would allow me to be more flexible when writing the script to show the readers a simpler and clearer explanation on the adventures I experience when conducting this research.

The first skill that was improved when conducting the podcast project is research. Research in terms of collecting and analyzing data and conclude with new knowledge by the primary research is greatly shown to the audience simply by explaining detailed occurrences or observation linked by my intentional thoughts that happened during the travel of the hike. The second former skill that was improved over the primary research is the process to which many revisions and unnecessary wordiness helps polish and prevent cluster of confusion in the atmosphere of the audience when writing or scripting our recording voices to connect to the reader.

With these skills in mind that was sharpen in the process of conducting the primary research, it would evidently help my future lab report, writing reports in a career, and many other research drafts as such similarities between them is the need to conduct primary research and  revise our written work in order to make clarity and understanding for me as the writer and the specific audience to whom the written work address.

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