Living Picture Narrative Reflection

During the writing of the living picture narrative essay, I learn many techniques and writing ideas that would overall improve my writing for the future. I learn that the first step to any writing, whether you are a beginner or an advance writer, starts with brainstorming a purpose of your piece of writing. I found myself occasionally questioning, “Why am I writing this? To entertain others?” I often start by reading the assign prompt of questions which helps develop a direction and a point for the essay.

When an idea or an answer occurs after reading the prompt, I quickly jot down the answer on paper and create a mind map which in the past has really help me create a well structure piece of writing. The best part of the writing process that worked really smoothly is the content of the information I was able to provide to the audience. The difficult part with so much information to give to the audience is the organization of all the ideas which resulted with sloppy structure of the writing. I knew that this essay would be much different than the essay I wrote in the pass simply because the essay is about personal experience. The mind mapping for the writing worked to help develop an idea and answer the prompt but could not accept the past events that I could provide to the living narrative essay. After the peer review a week ago, I noticed that the essay is more of a summary of a life event than a narrative essay. In the future, I should plan on reviewing past events first before mind mapping out the essay to answer the prompt, ensuring that the essay would be more of a narrative side than a summary of a life event.

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Mind Mapping 

Mind Mapping Picture Citation

During the writing process of the narrative essay, I noticed I been using transferable skills that I haven’t realize I been using consciously. The active used skill would be the rhetorical knowledge to a specific audience allowing them to understand the specific words while reading the narrative essay. The passive skill I also have been noticing been used is the meta-cognition, simply by review what I have written and to think critically why I have say those words in that specific way. With the specific alignment of the words in the sentence, I always wonder and question how the audience may have interpret it and ensuring that there is no other way of misinterpreting the sentence in the paragraph as a whole.

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Rhetorical Knowledge Picture Citation

With these transferable skills in mind, I plan to broaden my perspective of different groups of people in society to ensure that I would be able to reach out to them with writing. As a student in University of California Davis, I plan on improving these two skills during further study on a Mechanical Engineering degree that is needed for a life long career.

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College Graduates Picture Citation


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