Learning Journal Three

Step Two:

During this week, we learned that we should have a mixture between content, clarity, and organization when we write to our particular audience. Without so would be confusing to our readers enabling them to have the wrong message than intended by the writer. With the addition of content, clarity, and organization in our free flow future essay, it would allow us to evolve and separate ourselves from the limited five paragraph essay that was taught during our high school days.

During UWP 001, I am pleased to allow myself to grow in knowledge from my peers to help improve my writing. An example would be last Friday were we discuss the importance of peer review and how my peers would take the role if they were reviewers. Personally, I never give much deep thought on my ways of reviewing other people’s writings throughout my life. I usually just mark what the course instructor would do if I were in his shoes grading my peer’s papers. Now, I see a different way on looking my peer papers simply by telling them what the main points are with my interpretation on his paper to allow him to see if he had made his point.

Step Three:

While reading the Wikipedia article, I learn that we cannot include anything about ourselves, anything that we experienced in our life time, an offensive attack on anything, promoting a business, a title that is not well suited according the WP:SPEEDY policy of Wikipedia, possibility of plagiarism, and self-biased main ideas in the Wikipedia article that we will be writing in UWP 001.

Step Five:

I have chosen to write about Modern Auto Detailing. Basically, the article will explain washing techniques used in detailing a car to its maximum beauty.

  • Washing Techniques (The Two Bucket method)
  • Tools
  • Compounding vs. Waxing
  • Protective Coating
  • Eliminating Scratches

Step Six:

During my reading in the article, I learn that we should include as much credibility to our sources as accurately as possible to allow readers to credit our research writing, to use Wikipedia to get a glimpse of a main idea, to use google to see the bigger picture of the specific topic, and the carefully analyze recent sources during the research process of a writing assignment. I learn that researching is a very slow process to obtain the maximum results for acquiring valuable information needed to begin writing a draft. During my research, I plan to start as soon as it was assigned to allow maximum time to evaluate carefully through the internet to look for key ideas broaden our perspective on a particular topic.


One thought on “Learning Journal Three”

  1. a) I like how you plan to maximize your time in research in order to have a more clarifying and cohesive article.

    b) I learned that it is important to give as much credibility to the sources as you can so they seem more trustworthy to the readers.

    c) I wonder what aspects of content, clarity, and organization will evolve your writing from the old standard of five paragraphs to the new free-flowing structure that we are being taught.

    d) I think you should include washing techniques other than the two-bucket method. Maybe you could use different car washing companies’ websites to read any information they include about how they detail the cars they wash.


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