Learning Journal Two

Step Two:

I learned that caption’s on a picture can be a tool that could potentially sway the audience in any direction the author uses to build his argument stronger. After reading my peer’s blog and attending the UWP 001 class, I realize the potential of the pictures and the captions and possibly use this tool to further prove my point to my audience. Though it would be problematic as first to find the right picture to show to the readers because you needed the right image to allow the readers to feel where the author stands on an argument, I guess baby steps of experimental pictures on my blogs in the future would help me get the use of using pictures for my audience to know where I stand or what I feel. What really struck me last week when I was an audience that I realize that using pictures with captions is very similar to modern internet jokes of meme where meme is the focus on capturing a common situation everyone feels at a certain point in their lifetime.

Step Three:

Step Five:

When reading the article about really responding to other student’s writing, I’d never really thought about the different types of writings that such a person could write. Whether it is a personal, argument essay or a report, I learned that the main key for the certain type of writing assignment is to first look at the overall ideas of the writing. During peer review with my colleagues, it never occur to me that anyone who wants my own specific feedback as a classmate or a friend makes me feel sort of special considering I’m at the same learning path as them. The downside I realize while reading the article is not mentioning how well you know your peers before you can really help them in their writing assignment. During the video, I learn that I should take the initiative to first focus on the whole picture on what the writer wants to write about before looking at the specific ideas presented in each paragraph. As of now, I hope that I can build a good relationship with my peers first in order to know their background to help them in their writing on future writing assignments.


One thought on “Learning Journal Two”

  1. a) I like how you created a flow chart to brainstorm the main ideas and subtopics for your living picture narrative. It is a great idea to visualize what you want to write about and how to connect your ideas together.

    b) I learned that it is important to have a good relationship with the peers whose papers you edit. Since everyone comes from a different background, this could lead to different styles and interpretations of writing.

    c) I wonder how you will use captions to incorporate pictures to your writing and show their significance to what you are writing about.


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